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When the decomposing body of the escaped maniac is found (he died shortly after Waldemar stabbed him Roulka begins to come around, but not soon enough, as the villagers kill Maurice (run-through with a scythe) and begin to storm Waldemar's castle.
Update: Severin Films now offers both the hardcore and softcore versions on one Blu-Ray.
With the rallying call "The Klan is coming!I would think long and hard before purchasing another Redemption title if they do this to every one of their discs.Victoria tells Craig what she has done and uses sex to hold the 50,000 over his head (Craig, who really is a nice guy, says to her, "You're a bitch!Nothing in this film is in the least bit watchable and, to add insult to injury, the words "pussy" and "fuck" are, for some unfathomable reason, bleeped out every time they are spoken.It seems that nine years earlier, the Sinister Man was supposed to resurrect Satan at Headstone Manor, but the presence of the eighteen borders stopped him from doing.There's hardly any blood, no nudity and the final shot of the head Darkling is a hilarious thing to see.Oh, and less Ken Norton.Not yet available on DVD.A short bus carrying teacher Miss Tenny (Brenda Fogarty; chesty anderson, USN - 1976) and a handfull of pretty young teenage girls, along with driver Marvin (Jack Driscoll are driving down a highway in the middle of the California desert on their way.
For one thing, whomever dubbed Giacomo Rossi Stuart's voice sounds like they were drunk most of the time, giving most of his line readings some extra added humor and weirdness, even in the serious scenes.

If that's not clear enough for you, let me make it clearer: I would rather watch the entire libraries of Andy Milligan, Ed Wood and Al Adamson combined than to watch one faux arty Franco flick.If you a a fan of Big Bill Smith (like myself this film is a must-see.Harvey tries to kidnap Rafe's girlfriend Julie (Mary Woronov but Rafe beats the crap out of Harvey and Rhodes, saving her.This friday THE 13TH clone finds a group of camp counselors getting Camp Placid Pines ready for it's summer opening.When her law class discovers Jennifer's history, she and girlfriend Sam (Linda Lyer) go away for a weekend to a cabin in the woods.Maybe that's why this Canadian-made film hasn't found a distributor on disc yet (except in Germany, where they will release anything).We see women dressed in filthy clothes, their hair matted and dirty, their skin covered with grime and fecal matter and the living conditions are horrible (some of the more seriously disturbed patients are kept in cages with no beds).The use of CGI is thankfully minimal (the horse being set on fire is obvious CGI) and there is loads of blood and gore on display, making this the perfect film to watch with the lights out.The film opens with Cynthia (Sarah Torgov) being released from a mental institution after recovering war casino game y8 from a nervous breakdown over the tragic accidental death of her child.Jekylls problems with his murderous double will not happen to him.

This 70's sexploitationer, which pushes it's R-rating into hard territory due to nudity and sex and contains equal measures of sexploitation elements and action set-pieces, was directed by Don Schain, whose short directorial career includes the three ginger films and the dated political racial prejudice.