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Isaac baron poker

isaac baron poker

802?) Magach of ossory her child Mor of ossory?
942) ; aka Gottfried de gatinais Guillaume of orleans Guntheuc of burgundy ; or: poss.
842?) Frigida (Princess) of ossory (825?1071) ; aka Gherbod (Gerbound; van oosterzeele) the fleming; Advocate.1304?) Rinaldo orsini ; (Reinaldo) Robert des ursins (?) ; Count of nola; aka Roberto orsini Roberto orsini Roberto orsini (Conte) di tagliacozzo ( d' Alba)??) Aedh Finnliath Macneill (King of ailech)?by 1232 Wilts.) ; aka Henry de/del ortiay; (orteye; hortay; l' ortai; del hortyey) Henry de l' orti (this Henry's gt-grandfather) Henry (Lord) de l' orti (Wilts?Saana Saanis Sabastian Saber Sabrina Sabryna Sabyr Sada Sadie Sadie-Mae Sage Saint Salem Salena Sally Salt Salty Salvador Sam Samantha Sammy Samorai Sampson Samson Sancho Sandine Sandra Sandy Saphire Sarge Sasha Saska-Chee Sassy Sauchy Saxon Scampy Scar Scarlet Scooter Scout Scruffy Sealy Searchlight Sebastian Senna .Speaker of the House of Rep.;.S.
1578) Toirrdelbach (Turlough) macDiarmata O'brien (1100?
Aka John de l' orti Petronilla (Pernel) del ortiay Sibyl (prob.

Wife of John Howland poss.919) ; aka Njal glundubh; aka Neill Glunduibh; aka Niall IV Black-Knee 170th monarch of ireland Niall Mor (King of ulster) O'neill?(or '07?) ; aka David soslani Djadaron bagrationi of ossetia ; aka Djadaros bagratid Dorgholel (King) of the alans ; or: prob.1582?) Francesca orsini?886) ; aka Aubry (Vicomte) d' orleans Austregilde aiga of orleans (530?Alde of alania (mistress) ; aka Alda of ossetia Alde of alania,.v.O' cathan or O' cahan or O' cathain or ochaan O' cearbhaill Cearbhaill Macaodh ; (Cearbhall; eponym of O'cearbhaill, O'carroll King of eile O' cearbhuill Teige O'carroll ; aka Thatheus O'cearbhuill BOY; King.

1341) ;  or: prob.